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Volunteer With Us 

Here at CLSA, volunteers are the heart of our organization. From smiling at our reception desks to helping organize social and special events, to serving on our Board and various committees, we couldn't do it without them! Last year our generous and dedicated volunteers donated over 10, 000 hours of their time to us. We are incredibly grateful.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a fantastic way to make difference in your community, positively impact the lives of others, and benefit one's own mental, social, and physical well-being too. A report by the National Seniors Council of Canada found that volunteering promotes positive and active aging, which can actually enhance quality of life in one's golden years.

No matter the task, every volunteer has the potential to make a big difference. If you’ve been thinking about contributing your time to a meaningful cause, this is your chance! 

Benefits of volunteering include:

  • An opportunity to give back to the community

  • Make a difference in the lives of others

  • Gain a "Helper's High" by helping others

  • Feeling like you're part of a team

  • Gain confidence and self-esteem

  • Feel empowered, capable, accomplished, and helpful.

  • Keeps you physically active

  • Keeps the brain active, which contributes to cognitive health

  • A chance to develop new skills, or build on experience and knowledge.

  • Meet new people, socialize, and make friends

  • Get to know the local community

Which Volunteer position is right for me?

Being a diverse centre means there are a plethora of volunteer opportunities to choose from, depending on your interest, skills, and time commitment. Here is a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, list of CLSA's volunteer opportunities: 


Ambassador: Greet and take class attendance; welcome members into the facility and answer questions, escort members to their classes, help provide centre schedule information, sell 50/50 raffle tickets (includes some cash handling); act as host for instructors and general interest presentations.

Data entry/Office Support: File management, membership data organization, general miscellaneous office tasks; answer phones, greet new and existing members, help provide membership, program information, and room keys to facility users, includes some cash handling.    


Board Member: Works closely with other board members and the Executive Director to organize and implement executive functioning of CLSA


Events: Pre-planning events, event delivery, event execution, and/or post-event activities, seasonal events, and casino or related activities. Specific roles may include event set-up and decoration, event hosting, ticket-taking, bar-tending, bar stock inventory pre-/post- event.  

Want to make a difference? Join our volunteer team today!

Click the button below to download the Volunteer Application Form. Please send the completed form to

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