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Fitness Centre

Even if you have never been to a Fitness Centre before, getting started is easy. For more information drop by the Fitness Centre or call 780–442–0949 or send all inquiries to
Orientations are 50-minutes long and are required. Book yours today to get started!
Get familiarized with a FREE orientation: Our Health and Fitness Coordinator will provide information about Centre operations, introduce you to the equipment, and provide some tips on exercising safely.

7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Closed on Stat Holidays

*Members must call 780-442-0949 or visit the Fitness Centre desk to book their 90-minute workout appointment

Drop-in $5
10-Visit Pass $35
Seasonal Pass $150

  • Winter (Jan 2 - Apr 30)

  • Spring/Summer (May 1 - Aug 23)

    • We are closed August 26 - Sept 2 for maintenance week​

  • Fall (Sept 3 - Dec 20) 

    • We are closed Dec 23 - Jan 1 for Christmas

Yearly Pass $420
*Passes can only be purchased in-person*

A CLSA membership is required to access the CLSA Fitness Centre during our operating hours.

Our Fitness Centre has what you need to get your heart going again and strengthening your entire body. You’ll find a whole range of cardio machines, free weights and seven special LifeFitness machines that are safe and fun to use.

Get the full bang for your buck while you do an entire circuit using these self-directed tools for a weight-bearing workout in minutes. The entire LifeFitness circuit is great for beginner and experienced exercisers alike. Do you want to maintain or build bone density or continue rehab for hip or knee surgery? This could be the routine for you! 

You may not become a bodybuilder, but you will build your body’s strength, resiliency and stability using these machines. It’s fun and easy to get started in fulfilling your fitness goals using this excellent grouping awaiting you in the Fitness Centre. And of course, the reliable offerings of treadmill, bike, recumbent, rowing and elliptical machines are also available to get your heart going and body warmed up. Stretching instructions and free-weights to off your work out. All this in the comfort of your peers.

The Benefits of Physical Activities are Endless!

Check out our equipment! Easy to use, designed for all ability levels, great for
improving cardio and for increasing muscle strength and bone density. 

  • Treadmills

  • Exercise Bicycles 

  • Ellipticals

  • Squat machine

  • Seated leg curl

  • Leg extension 

  • Abdominal crunch/chest press

  • Seated row/lateral pull down

  • Dual adjustable pulley machine

  • SciFit ProArmagometer

  • Bosu & exercise balls

  • Body Bars & foam rollers

Membership to our Fitness Centre also gets you access to our clean locker rooms and private showers. Free valuables lockers are also available. 

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