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1700 + members via e-mail, regular mail, website & in-house pick up.
Rates and Parameters
Set Up
  • Your ad must be black and white in a jpeg format.
  • There is no charge if your ad is submitted to us complete, with a border & within the above measurements.
  • Submissions must be sent electronically via e-mail to
  • An additional set-up fee will be applied if production or adjustments must be made to your advertisement.
Submission Deadline and Payment
  • The newsletter is published quarterly (January, April, August, December), and submissions must be received in black and white jpeg format via e-mail to
  • Payment must be received prior to publication. We accept payment by cash or cheques only. Cheques made out to C.L.S.A. and mailed to this address:
11113 – 113 Street 
Edmonton, AB 
T5G 2V1