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Important Information
Proof of Vaccination Now Required

Updated September 16, 2021

Please read this important document to learn about updates to

the COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy at Central Lions.

Send a photo or scan of your proof of double vaccination to:

Still have questions? Email us at

Updated September 16, 2021

Important Information
An Update from CLSA on the New Provincial Restrictions


Dear Members,

In light of the enhanced health restrictions announced on September 15 by the Alberta government, we wanted to clarify what this means for you at CLSA.

With the full support of our Executive Committee, CLSA remains open for business and will continue to require all program participants to provide proof of double vaccination dated at least 14 days before the start of your activities.

Members who are not fully vaccinated will NOT be permitted to partake in our programs until they are fully vaccinated. CLSA will be adhering to this policy of double vaccination along with the additional guidelines below:

  • We will NOT be accepting negative COVID tests

  • If you cannot get vaccinated, we are sympathetic to your situation and invite you to return once our double vaccinated policy is lifted.

  • There are NO exemptions to this policy.


Please see our Health and Safety Communique (click on the link in blue) to learn what is accepted as proof of vaccination at CLSA. Or scroll down to download the document.

With vaccination passports in place, Programs and Circles at CLSA will be running as usual. Class sizes have already been reduced to limit participant capacity and no changes will be required.

Thank you to all the members who have already provided their proof of vaccination and have supported us in the rollout of this policy. We are grateful for all your help in providing a safe environment for all visitors.

We remain vigilant and cautious of the public health situation and will provide you with timely updates through emails, our website, newsletters, and our main phone line 780–496–7369.

Until we see you next, stay safe and be well.


Susan Mann

Executive Director

August 16, 2021

An Update on Our Reopening Plans


Fall Program Guide, Registration Dates, and Memberships


The Fall Program Guide is available now on our website and has been emailed to members. Catalogues have been sent through Canada Post to members without emails.


Fall registration is available online, in-person, and over the phone. Memberships are available in person or over the phone only at this time. Desk hours are from August 16 to 27; Mon-Wed, 10–2 p.m; Starting August 30-Sept 10: Mon-Fri, 10-2 p.m.


Membership Rates will be Pro-rated for the Remainder of the Year


Starting in September, new 55+ memberships can be purchased at a pro-rated fee of $20. The fee will decrease by $5 each month until December 2021. Please remember to check your online registration account as you may have a rolled over membership from last year already in your “wallet”.


Mask Policy: 


Following the City of Edmonton’s bylaw, face masks are required to enter the facility.


Your mask must be secured over your nose and mouth. If any visitor refuses to wear a mask or face covering, they will not be permitted into the facility.


Masks will be required during physical activities; this includes during high and moderate activity classes, for all paddleball sports, and at the Fitness Centre.


For high-intensity activities: Please try wearing your mask as long as you can. If you need to take a break, pull your mask down to catch your breath. Once you’ve recovered your breath, please place your mask back on.




Tuesday, June 1, 2021








Getting Back to It:

"Welcome Back" Week in the Works!

We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and warm weather we are having. It’s definitely starting to feel like summer! We are in the midst of planning for fall programs, and we are counting down the days ‘til we can see you all again.


But that’s not all we’re up to…!


In light of the announcement made on Alberta’s 3-stage reopening plan, and if the public health situation continues to improve in the next few months, we are currently working on plans to run a few courses and clubs as a “Welcome Back” session in mid-to-late August. It’ll be a chance to ease back into our routines and give ourselves a few days to get limber and warmed up before we get back into the full swing of things this fall. We’ll keep you updated on our plans, and please keep an eye out for more information in our emails or here on our homepage when we get closer to August.


Rest assured, as restrictions are eased, we will continue to monitor and follow the most up-to-date recommendations made by AHS and the City of Edmonton to ensure the health and safety of our members, instructors, volunteers, and staff.


Until then, stay safe, enjoy the sun, and we look forward to seeing you soon!



CLSA Admin Staff





Tuesday, May 10, 2021


CLSA Delayed Opening Decision


Due to the COVID-19 restrictions still being in place, the CLSA Board has decided not to go forward with Spring Programming in June.


All programming will be postponed until Fall 2021, with circles starting September 7 and classes on September 13. Unless the COVID situation in Alberta drastically improves before then, CLSA will not be resuming activities until it is safe to do so.


We know this is disappointing to many members, and we continue to be hopeful that most of the population will be vaccinated at that time, putting us all in a safer position to be together again.


We are grateful for your continued support to the Association and understanding during this time of great uncertainty and change. Sunny skies are ahead: making safe choices will get us there.


Membership and registration information will be available soon. Please check our website, watch your email, or call us 780–496–7369 to learn of any updates. Our staff continues to work remotely, but please call us if you have any questions or email us at




Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Delay in Spring Program Launch

Dear Members,


Step 3 of Alberta’s reopening announcement is not what we hoped for, instead, restrictions on indoor gathering and limitations on group fitness remain in effect. As a result, CLSA will postpone the start of spring programming which was scheduled for April 12.


Although we are sad to deliver this news, as we know many of our members have been looking forward to spring classes and circles, the return to a more familiar routine is not far off! We are hopeful that the rollout of vaccines will put us all in a safer and healthier position to offer classes for the second term of the Spring season in June.


A revised program guide reflecting revisions for Spring Terms 2 & 3 will be available on our website soon, and we will send you the notice via email at that time.


Please check our website at, watch your email, or call us 780–496–7369 to learn of any updates. Our staff continues to work remotely, but please call us if you have any questions or email us at


We acknowledge this is a bit frustrating and are grateful that you continue to support the Association by remaining flexible and understanding during this time of uncertainty and change. Brighter days are coming!


Lastly, a reminder to mark your calendars May 10 for the Town Hall and May 20 for the AGM. More details will be provided closer to these dates.


– From the CLSA Admin Team


February 17, 2021

Dear Members,

In support of the public health measures by Alberta Health Services and the City of Edmonton, the facility currently remains closed to the public until further notice.

Our staff continues to work remotely but will be back in the office (with modified operating hours) for in-person and over-the-phone membership sales and program registration on March 29

The Spring program guide will be available for viewing on our online registration system starting March 1st. Members without emails will receive their program guides through Canada Post.


Clubs/Circles are scheduled to begin on April 12th with courses starting on April 19.

In case you missed our email about 2020 membership rollovers, please see page 5 of our February Newsletter (below) to learn more about the adjustments made for 2021 Memberships.

We invite you to come and meet the new Board of Directors at our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, May 20th. Please see page 3 of our February Newsletter to learn how to RSVP your spot.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Your CLSA Admin Team

Friday, January 8, 2021

Dear Members,


Warm New Year’s greetings to you, and may 2021 be full of new hopes and good times for all of us.


In support of enhanced public health measures by AHS and the City of Edmonton, the facility remains closed to the public until further notice. We are hopeful that with the pending vaccine, we will be in a safer and healthier position to offer classes for the spring session, which is scheduled to start on April 19th. Our staff will continue to work remotely on planning for the spring session.


With that in mind, the following adjustments have been made for 2021 Memberships:


All valid 2020 memberships purchased from January to March last year will automatically be rolled over into 2021 memberships. Memberships that were purchased from September to December will be credited to your account. Reciprocal memberships that were purchased will also be credited to your account. 


New 2021 55+ memberships will be available for purchase in March for a pro-rated annual fee of $25, Under 55 memberships will be available at a pro-rated fee of $50, and Community Memberships (Reciprocal Memberships) will remain $5. 


Please check our website, watch your email and call us 780–496–7369 to learn of any updates as we try to remain flexible and responsive to the measures required to keep us safe and healthy during this pandemic.


Until we meet again . . . stay safe and enjoy the daily additional minutes of light.


From the CLSA Admin Team


Monday, December 14, 2020

As requested by our CLSA Member Ted H., a repost from Letters to the Edmonton Journal to provide a little perspective during this time of social responsibility and physical distancing and isolation:


“I am currently reading Heather Morris’s book The Tattooist of Auschwitz which tells of a young 15-year-old Jewish boy yanked from his home by the SS. He is sent by cattle car on a three-day journey with standing room only to Auschwitz. As he speaks several languages, he is given the assignment of tattooing all incoming prisoners, many of them young men and women. As they want to keep him healthy, he receives a full bun a day along with morning gruel. Reading of these terrible atrocities it brings me shame to imagine I am hard done by having to isolate for a year. I am surrounded by all the conveniences one would ever imagine. Certainly, my wife and I who are in our 80s would love to hug our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren again but this situation will pass. We are indeed blessed.”


Friday, December 11, 2020


Dear Members,

Season’s greetings and warm wishes for a safe and healthy new year ahead. This year has been like no other, and although COVID-19 has affected us all in untold ways, we couldn’t be more grateful to have your continued support and understanding during this challenging time.
In support of enhanced public health measures by AHS and the City of Edmonton, the facility is closed to the public until further notice.

We regret to announce that due to the pandemic, and with the full support of our Board of Directors, CLSA will not go forward with winter programming and will remain closed for the foreseeable future. We are hopeful that with the pending vaccine, we will be in a safer and healthier position to offer classes for the spring session, which is scheduled to start on April 19th. Our staff will continue to work remotely but will take a break from voicemail and email between December 21 and January 3.

Online membership renewal and program registration has been suspended. All 2021 renewals and registrations will automatically be credited to your accounts. However, if you require a refund on a winter program, please email

Please check our website, watch your email, and call us back to learn of any updates to our plan as we try to remain flexible and responsive to the changes required to keep us safe and healthy during this pandemic.

Until we meet again...stay safe and may you feel the true spirit of this holiday season.


Your CLSA Admin Team


Thursday, November 19, 2020 

An important message from the CLSA Board of Directors and Admin Team:

COVID-19 Circuit Breaker – Closure For the Remainder of 2020


Dear Members,

     We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this challenging time. After much deliberation of the recent updates to Alberta’s pandemic public health measures, our Administrative Team, with the full support of the Board of Directors, has decided to not only participate in the two-week hard stop ‘circuit breaker,’ but to cancel all programs and activities at the centre for the remainder of the year.

     Over the past few weeks, cases of COVID-19 have risen rapidly in the community. Ultimately, ensuring the safety and health of our members, volunteers, instructors and staff is the primary reason for suspending activities until the new year. CLSA realizes that physical and social activities are integral to the well-being of our members. However, we all need to do our part, and we, as wise and experienced seniors, can set an example by being socially responsible; by reducing outings, gatherings and our cohorts and non-essential activities; by continuing to wear our masks; by staying home and getting tested if we are showing symptoms, and by being kind and patient with one another while enduring this surreal Twilight (time) Zone.

     Logistically, for members who returned for courses earlier this month, credits for cancelled classes will be issued to your “Wallet,” which can be found in your account on our online registration system. These credits will remain on your account until you decide to use them for next year’s membership or activity fees.


     If you would like a refund instead of a credit, please email If you had earlier requested a cash refund for a club such as Badminton, Pickleball, Table Tennis, Snooker etc., your cheque is being processed. Due to the administrative effort and expense, refunds for less than $20 will not be issued but will remain in your wallet.

     Our administrative team will be working onsite and remotely as we finalize the Winter 2021 program session. The guide will be available early-December (watch for it in your email and our website) with Circles starting January 4th and classes January 11th.


     Please note that you must have a 2021 CLSA Membership to register for Winter classes and Circles. 2021 memberships are available online because the centre is currently closed. We encourage members to use online registration, which starts on November 30th. If you need assistance with registration, give us a call at 780–496–7369 (registration desk hours are Mon–Wed, 10 am –2 pm).

     Be assured that when we reopen, we will continue to follow the most up-to-date provincial health recommendations. Limited class capacity, health screening upon entry, and frequent disinfecting of high-traffic areas are some of the safety procedures we will continue to practice in the new year.  

     We thank you for your continued support and understanding during this truly unprecedented time. With your support, we can reduce the ‘deadly serious’ risk of virus transmission and reduce further potential restrictions to control the spread, and hopefully, move forward with our planned activities in the new year.

Stay safe and well,

CLSA Board & Admin Team

Thursday, November 12th, 2020


COVID Update: Message from CLSA Management & Board of Directors

Dear Members,

We have been advised by Alberta Health Services to halt all indoor group fitness and sports activities for two weeks effective tomorrow Friday, November 13th.

Based on AHS guidance to avoid social gatherings, the Board feels that it is in all of our best interests (as a vulnerable group) to cease all programming and activities for the next two weeks. In summary, the centre will be closed to members until November 30th.

Administration will determine the decision and actions on refunds and credits for this two-week temporary stop. Please watch for additional communication and updates on our website

We are saddened by this news, but support the decisions made by AHS to limit the spread of the virus. It was so wonderful to see our members return and be excited to resume their activities and hobbies. We will update you when we learn more about this evolving situation.

Stay Safe . . . Forward Together, 

CLSA Board of Directors & Management

Friday, September 11, 2020

Click here to read an important message about reopening from our Board Chair, Vic Kowalewich.

Monday, August 31, 2020

     After careful consideration of the current information from Alberta Health Services and the City of Edmonton, the CLSA Board has decided to commence with fall programming on October 26, 2020.


     The health and safety of our members, volunteers, instructors and staff are top priority. All the new policies and procedures to be introduced upon reopening are designed to create the safest environment possible for everyone, and they will be amended as needed to reflect any updated information from AHS and the City.

     Staff will be in the building starting September 14th on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. During this time, access to the building will be limited to the foyer only. Call the mainline at 780–496–7369 for updated information or send a note to Keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters and updates to our homepage. Thank you for your patience and loyalty throughout this unpredictable time. We value your trust and look forward to welcoming you back again!

Your CLSA Admin Team