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TLC Health and Wellness Fair

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Session One
10:30 a.m - 11:30 a.m


I Used To…and Want to…

Presenter: Kyle Babiuk, BKin CSEP-CEP

Do you ever find yourself saying, “I used to be able to…..?" Join Kyle Babiuk for an engaging and thought-provoking presentation of how to connect the loss of functional movement to thriving in aging. Learn how to rethink and change how you move as you age.


Psychedelics Today

Presenter: Michelle Brewer

Do you know that psychedelics became legal in Alberta on January 23, 2023? Yes, you can take LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, MDMA and others when prescribed by a psychiatrist for therapeutic purposes. Some are hailing this the "Psychedelic Renaissance" as these medicines have better results for dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD than most psychiatric drugs.


The Impact of Caregiving on Relationships

Presenter: Johnna Lowther

We try to balance our time between caregiving and family relationships. However, this is easier said than done. Join us to talk about maintaining relationships through change, improving communication strategies, and adjusting to the new “normal” in caregiving.


How to Deal with High Interest Rates and Lower Market Returns

Presenter: Dustin Lamontagne

We have witnessed unprecedented times which have challenged our country's health, social and financial systems. Retirement portfolios in current financial markets and their impact on direct cash flow are a concern for many seniors. Join Dustin Lamontagne (guest speaker for Wei Woo) to discuss these concerns, and review financial strategies on how to navigate within the markets as it waits for an eventual recovery.

Art & Culture

Comedy Workshop

Presenter: Christy Nelson

Curious about comedy and all it takes to get and do it yourself? Come learn how your life experiences will help you to center stage. Learn the basics of improv. Learn how to embrace happy.


Cruising at Its Best

Presenter: Gwen Schilling & Melissa Bourgoin

Explore the World of Cruising! Join us as we travel the world of fulfilling adventures and astonishing wonders; while cruising rivers, oceans and seas! Find out what cruising is really about and how it can add an opportunity to travel you never thought was possible.

Session Two
1:00 p.m - 2:00 p.m


The Laughing Hour

Presenter: Maude Bombardier

The Laughing Hour offers opportunities to laugh together for an hour. More commonly known as Laughter Yoga, this laughing technique does not require anyone to tell jokes nor practice their yoga poses. All it relies on is YOUR willingness to laugh and having a blast. Fun guaranteed! 


Simplifying Your Life

Presenter: Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth will describe the process of hiring a Professional Organizer – what to expect and how to vet. She will also talk about what happens when she arrives at your property, how she determines what kind of organizing style you are and give some tips and tricks about downsizing, purging, and moving. 


Art Therapy for Dementia Patients

Presenter: Natalie Joly, MBA

Come join Natalie as she shares the support that ElderCare provides to adults and their caregivers. ElderCare is a non-profit organization that is funded through Alberta Health Services for adults living independently in the community. 


Combined Insurance

Presenter: Alex Patterson

Combined Insurance is a leading provider of individual and group supplemental accident, disability, health and life insurance products and a Chubb company.

We are committed to making the world of supplemental insurance easy to understand. Our policies pay cash benefits for covered accidents and

illnesses — to help you out with your everyday costs while you get back

on your feet.

Art & Culture

Comedy Workshop

Presenter: Christy Nelson

Curious about comedy and all it takes to get and do it yourself? Come learn how your life experiences will help you to center stage. Learn the basics of improv. Learn how to embrace happy.


How to travel after 55

Presenter: Darlene Hildebrandt - Digital Photo Mentor

Travel after 55 doesn’t have to be boring. With travelling in small groups, there is safety in numbers, and the ability to see more than travelling alone. All of this while making new friends along the way!

Session Three
2:30 p.m - 3:30 p.m




Change Begins with Me

Presenter: Betty Wedman

Change is a Choice, Change is Possible. Nothing is more powerful than sharing our truth and some of our experiences. This dialogue is about creating awareness and change. It is about connecting from the inside out and supporting one another. This class helps one realize that we all have challenges in our life and that we all have the ability to overcome them. Free yourself by sharing, listening and supporting one another.


Heart 2 Care - Supports to keep you in your home

We believe that being in the comfort of our own home is essential for

maintaining your independence and quality of life. Everyone deserves

the highest level of care and attention, and our commitment to making

a positive difference in our client's lives. 


Fraud & Scam Awareness

Presenter: Constable Amanda Trenchard

You work hard for your money. You want to spend it on things that matter to

you - whether it’s your children’s education, an exciting trip or a new smartphone.
Fraudsters are real. They target you online, over the phone, by email or in person. Thousands of Canadian lose millions of dollars to fraudsters every year.
Learn tips and tricks on how to protect yourself. 

Art & Culture

Art History: Examination of Van Gogh's Technique

Presenter: Frank Haddock

Learn about the techniques Vincent Van Gogh used in his paintings as we examine his drawings and the available materials that helped contribute to the paintings we marvel at today. This informative presentation will feature many examples of work by Van Gogh as well as some insight into his thinking process.


Travel with Trip Merchant

Presenter: Tom MacLean

Tom will explore a number of destinations including ocean cruising, river cruising, solo travel, adventure travel, escorted tours, luxury travel, and more. He will also present on Trip Merchant's upcoming travel destinations to New Orleans, Memphis, and Nashville. 

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