Reopening FAQ

In this section, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the reopening of our centre. Still have questions? Email us at

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Before visitors can proceed to their activities, they must fill out an Attendance Consent Form each time they entering the building.


If you would like to fill out the Attendance Consent Form ahead of time, click on the image to download and print.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Click here to read an important message about reopening from our Board Chair, Vic Kowalewich.

Monday, August 31, 2020

     After careful consideration of the current information from Alberta Health Services and the City of Edmonton, the CLSA Board has decided to commence with fall programming on October 26, 2020.


     The health and safety of our members, volunteers, instructors and staff are top priority. All the new policies and procedures to be introduced upon reopening are designed to create the safest environment possible for everyone, and they will be amended as needed to reflect any updated information from AHS and the City.

     Staff will be in the building starting September 14th on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. During this time, access to the building will be limited to the foyer only. Call the mainline at 780–496–7369 for updated information or send a note to Keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters and updates to our homepage. Thank you for your patience and loyalty throughout this unpredictable time. We value your trust and look forward to welcoming you back again!

Your CLSA Admin Team


Keeping you Healthy and Safe

Q: What is CLSA doing to keep me safe?

A: When you return to the centre, you will see the following practices in place:

  • Upon entering the facility, we will ask members to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. There will be several dispensers around the Centre to use as needed.

  • Our Ambassadors will ask some health screening questions and take temperatures before participants can proceed to activity spaces. Anyone exhibiting COVID-like symptoms (dry cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath etc.) will be asked to self-isolate immediately.

  • Once programs resume, only guests whose names appear on an attendance or reservation list will be admitted into the building. All other visitors must check-in at reception via the south doors.

  • Guests will complete an Attendance Consent Form each time they enter the building.

  • To minimize indoor congregation, we encourage you not to linger in the building; please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your class and plan to leave soon after. 

  • Time slots for classes and activities will be spaced out to allow for physical distancing. Some class participant sizes will be reduced to allow for distancing.

  • We will be practicing Safe Six at all times: Wash your hands, Wear a mask, Physical distancing, Cover your cough, Clean equipment and surfaces, and Isolate if you feel ill.

  • North doors will be open starting October 26th – specifically for gym and Fitness Centre users.

  • Online registration will further reduce chances of exposure. Please note that only the south doors and foyer will be open. 

Facility Preparedness

  • COVID-19 safety training is mandatory for all staff and volunteers prior to opening to ensure the team is educated and best practice measures are in place to keep everyone safe.

  • There will be directional and physical distancing reference markers around the building and in classrooms. Individual rooms will be set up to accommodate distancing.

  • Sneeze guards have been set up at reception desks to minimize virus transmission.

  • Our custodial team will frequently clean and disinfect high-traffic areas, surfaces and rooms.

  • Lockers, showers and water fountains will not be available for use. Members must arrive in workout clothes. Bottled water will be available for purchase.

  • Everyone is required to wear a face mask as per the City Bylaw. See our current mask policy here.

Q: What is the CLSA mask policy?

A: The City of Edmonton has mandated masks at all city-owned facilities as of August 1, 2020.

As CLSA is a City-owned facility, everyone is required to wear a face mask as per the City bylaw. Please bring your own mask: we will have a small supply to share if you forget yours.

Whenever a participant is engaged in "high-intensity activity" (treadmill, pickleball etc.) facemasks do not need to be worn. However, for low-intensity classes (gentle yoga, gentle move and groove etc.), where participants are distanced at 2-3 metres apart, the current policy is that masks do not need to be worn unless the participant leaves their mat or designated area (or they find themselves in a situation where the 2-metre distance cannot be maintained).


*This is subject to change between now and when we open on November 2, and it may change depending on AHS public health guidelines at that time. We will also be gauging this policy within the first two weeks of opening and make appropriate amendments as needed.


Q: What changes are being made to Fall Programming?


  • To aid in reducing the risk of spreading the virus, several programs, clubs and drop-in activities must be put on hold. This includes the aerosol-generating nature of bands with wind instruments and singing, and the hands-on, high-touch aspect of activities like cooking classes, crafts, most clinics, and off-site adventures. Special events and social gatherings like Tuesday’s Cuppa Corner are on hold until further notice.

  • We are moving ahead with some fitness, general interest, health & wellness, art, music, language and dance classes. Our programming staff will be constantly monitoring programs to determine if registration is adequate to go forward with each class. As usual, be sure to register early.

  • New this term as a pilot project are some Tuesday evening activities. See the Catalogue for details.

  • Watch the monthly newsletter and our homepage for updates.

Q: What is the COVID-19 policy for 'Circles' (formerly known as Clubs)?
A: To allow some activities to resume we have made adjustments to times, days, fees, participant capacity, and reservation requirements. Any club that is moving forward for Fall Programming will temporarily be called a 'Circle.' Any club that is not resuming operations this fall will remain known as a 'Club.'
The following points will apply to any circles resuming activity in the fall:
  • Participants must be CLSA members.
  • Play is pay-per-use. Fees per activity vary.
  • Everyone is required to wear a face mask when not engaged in "high-intensity" activity as per the City Bylaw. See our current mask policy here.
Overview of Sports Circles
Badminton, Pickleball, Table Tennis, and Snooker Circles

Info and Requirements

Badminton       (8 Players) Mondays

Pickleball          (8 players) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Table Tennis     (16 Players) Friday

Snooker             (8 Players) Mon–Fri (3 hr timeslots, 1st appt: 8:45 am; last appt: 12:15 p.m.)

Fitness Centre (5 athletes) Mon–Fri (every hour, 1st appt: 8:45 a.m. Last appt: 1:45 p.m.)


The following procedures have been put in place:

  • Reservation slots are available only for two weeks in advance. 

Call 780–496–7369 (M–W, between 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) to book your play time: 8:30–9:30/ 10:00–11:00/ 11:30–12:30/ 1:00–2:00/ 2:30–3:30

  • Cancellation notice of 24 hrs is required. Failure to do so will result in the $5 charge to your account.

  • Due to the popularity of the sport, please exercise good sportsmanship and share the limited appointment times.

  • Single play only. To ensure distancing, no doubles will be allowed. AHS considers this a high-aerobic activity. Therefore, a face mask is not required while on the court, but a 3 m distance must be maintained during play.

  • All players must have a CLSA membership to participate.

  • Players must arrive no more than 5 minutes before play time and must not linger in the building after play.

  • Players will be required to submit to a quick wellness check.

  • Players must come in their workout clothing as the locker room/shower/lockers will not be available.

  • Players must bring their own racket and ball.

  • Players must wear face masks in common areas.

  • Bring your water or purchase a bottle ($1) from the Fitness Centre. Water fountains will be closed.


The individual fee per appointment time has been set at $5. Payment can be made from the credit on your account or by cash at the Fitness Centre.

Non-Sport Circles
Lapidary and Stained Glass Circles
Will resume by purchasing the barcode for the season. As usual, there must be at least two members present for the room to open. The schedule and fee have been adjusted to accommodate as many members as possible
Investors, Knitting & Crochet, and Wonders of Writing Circles 
Will resume by purchasing the barcode for the season.
Drama, Card-Playing, and Music and Singing Clubs are temporarily suspended until further notice.
Q: How will the Fitness Centre be operated?
A: Due to the pandemic, we have altered the way the Fitness Centre will be operated for the fall season:
  • No more than five members allowed into the Fitness Centre at any time.
  • One-hour appointments must be booked by calling 780-496-7369. The fee for each appointment is $5. A membership number is required to reserve a time slot. Cancellation notice of 24 hrs is required. Failure to do so will result in the $5 charge to your account.
  • Under the friendly and qualified supervision of fitness monitors Marilee and Devon, spend your one-hour appointment getting a full-body workout through cardio, free weights and more.
  • Come prepared in your workout clothes: due to COVID, the lockers, change rooms and showers are not available.
  • Water fountains are not available at this time. CLSA will have bottled water available for $1.
  • We encourage you to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your reservation, and please plan to leave as soon as possible following your workout.
  • You will be required to complete the health screening process each time you enter the building.
  • Masks will be required in the Fitness Centre whenever a participant is not engaged in high aerobic activity.
  • If you possessed a Fitness Centre Pass (monthly or 10-visit drop-in) in March of 2020, we have credited your CLSA account, and you may use this credit for your attendance moving forward.